Turn Old Computers into Green Machines by Recycling

In today’s world, millions of people now have a computer in their homes. And when computers finally give out or consumers decide to upgrade, a decision has to be made about what to do with the old ones. Many people unfortunately miss out on a great opportunity by not recycling old computers. There are a lot of excellent reasons to recycle computers, from helping the environment to earning store credit, and with so many discarded products recycling is more important than ever.

Haste Makes Hazardous Waste
Some people probably don’t engage in computer recycling because they have had an ancient computer collecting dust in a closet for years, and when they finally purge their belongings they want to get rid of things as quickly as possible. But computers and monitors aren’t like throwing out old ragged t-shirts. Computers contain lead, nickel and mercury, and according to the EPA could be hazardous if thrown away like other items. Although there is not currently a significant risk, people should make a strong effort to keep computers out of landfills.

Computers Contain Valuable Materials
Not all the materials in computers are dangerous. Some of them are valuable and useful. The copper, gold, glass and plastic found in computers can be reused for other electronic items. Computer recycling saves time, energy and resources that would be used to create new parts by redistributing these old ones. That creates less pollution and less waste, which also helps the environment.

Something Old Becomes Something New
Besides taking parts out of recycled computers, often these old machines can be restored to working order. Refurbished computers are a huge benefit to people who are not able to afford a new one or don’t mind using a secondhand computer. These computers can be given to non-profit organizations as donations for underprivileged families, schools or assisted living facilities. Many charitable organizations have electronics centers and can sell these computers there as well.

Save Space Here and Abroad Landfills are overflowing in many places and much of the electronic waste in the United States, between 50 to 80 percent, gets shipped to third world countries such as India and Ghana. China banned receiving shipments of waste, but it still happens through the black market. Children in these countries scavenge for copper and other precious metals inside computers, putting themselves at risk of injury or illness from improperly handling computer parts. Computer recycling reduces this electronic waste.

Recycling with Manufacturers Offers Financial Rewards
Many electronics companies offer incentives to consumers who exchange their old computers for new ones. These programs can provide anything from getting future credit for a purchase to recycling old computers for customers for free. Some businesses charge a fee for taking items, however, so contact each company to learn what they offer.

Computer recycling is as helpful and beneficial as any other type of recycling. It may take a little extra time to find a suitable place to recycle a computer, but the rewards far outweigh the costs.

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