How to Spot an Email Hoax of Phishing Scam

Just like reality, the internet world hosts plenty of criminal scum that will take advantage of you if you give them the chance. The creation of the internet and emailing unfortunately provided a new viral media for scammers to utilize, and it is a bit sad (and inevitable) that people would pollute such a powerhouse of knowledge with dangerous aspects. Email hoaxes are a huge source of problems and can lead to indentify theft, virus infections and a myriad of other unpleasant results, so it is important to arm yourself with knowledge if you are going to be using the internet. Often going with the mantra, if it is too good to be true, it probably is, will frequently help you avoid scammers.

Don’t trust strangers

First off, never send any personal information to someone that you don’t know, and even sending personal information to people that you do know can be risky. If it is completely necessary to send information do it over the phone. An common example of this is your bank all of a sudden emails you saying they last your bank account number. A seemingly absurd proposal by some scum that is trying to get your personal information, so don’t fall for it. Banks don’t frequently just lose things. If you have doubts call your bank, but the best things to do with these emails is to report the sender as spam.

Personal information is still best kept with pen and paper, and not exposed to the dangers of the internet. So keep passwords, bank account numbers, social security numbers off of cyber space. Never EVER enter personal information into pop-ups, because that is just asking for problems.

Make sure you know the sender

When reading emails, be sure of the source. If you can’t verify the charity, company or person then it probably is not a person or is a person trying to steal something from you. Also, unexpected emails from people can be a source of problems. Manage your email correspondence in a way that anything unexpected could be a threat. If something seems weird, make a phone call to the source if possible.

Chain letters are EVIL

DON’T OPEN CHAIN LETTERS OR FORWARD THEM ever. Okay, occasionally there are some humorous ones about how your cat is planning to take over the world. Anything that claims you will save the world by forwarding an email is lying to you. It is wasting your time, my time and everyone’s time. In fact, next time you get an email saying you’ll save someone’s life by forwarding it, email them back and tell them to stop being foolish. Also, people who use CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXPRESS DIRE urgency are frequently full of poo. You aren’t going to change the world by emailing. If you really want to help someone you need to do something or donate money. Also, “this is not a hoax!” should be when you run… or click the other way very fast.

Article thanks to the courtesy of LookupExpert, an email address search service.

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