HBO GO Now Supports All Android Phones, But Not Tablets

The good news: an update to HBO’s HBO Go/MAX Go app on Friday added support for Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. The bad news? There’s still no Android tablet support.

HBO added the update to the store. The new features? “Now supporting Android phones running up to version 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwich),” HBO said, as well as “includes performance enhancements and bug fixes”.

With the update, essentially all Android phones are supported by HBO GO, the app that allows online, video-on-demand access to all of HBO’s content, as well as its current movies of the month. (MAX Go provides Cinemax access.) Users need to have an HBO subscription; HBO GO doesn’t offer an a la carte option for cord-cutters who don’t wish to subscribe.

“It’s a value-add, but it’s part of your subscription, so we want to make sure that people are, whatever device they happen to be on, they’re having an incredible experience,” Alison Moore, the senior vice president of digital platforms for HBO, said of HBO GO in February. “That’s first and foremost. If you pay to be an HBO subscriber, we think you deserve a really great experience.”

Moore said later that HBO had no a la carte plans for HBO Go.

It’s unclear whether or not HBO plans to add Android tablet support; Moore said in February that HBO had to work with providers like Comcast to provide authentication. HBO executives could not be reached after hours on the East Coast for comment.

Microsoft’s Xbox recently added HBO GO support, with Comcast support as well.

For more, see our HBO Go for the iPhone slideshow below.

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