Why Opting for a Motherboard Bundle is the Simplest Way to Upgrade a CPU

Often described as the brain of the computer, the Central Processing Unit or CPU tells the computer what to do and when, taking instruction from both the user and running software, prioritising tasks to optimise performance. One of the simplest ways of improving an aging computer is therefore to upgrade the CPU (how cool would it be if humans could go in for brain upgrades?!) Newer processors enable computer systems not only to run more efficiently, but are also capable of the multi tasking we demand from today’s technology.

So you’ve made the decision to upgrade your CPU. So what next? Prepare yourself to be bombarded with technical jargon! Unless you are a confident pc builder – which lets face it few of us really are, the questions and options you will face can seem unfathomable. You will need to know what CPU your system supports, which CPU socket your motherboard has, and its maximum external clock rate.

And if you are clever enough to figure out exactly which CPU you will be able to upgrade to simply, then the next question you are faced with is ‘is it worth it?’ Due to the fast paced nature of the technological world, you may only be able to carry out a straightforward swapover upgrade to a processor a couple of steps faster than your current CPU. The cost of achieving a minor improvement versus the cost of upgrading to a much newer processor – albeit along with a replacement motherboard – may be surprisingly similar.

And then the old favourite issue of compatibility enters the proceedings, like a giant creature sporting a big smug grim.

Thankfully thoughtful people at IT suppliers such as Novatech have come up with the ideal solution of offering motherboard bundles, allowing those of us with even the most basic knowledge to perform our own system upgrades. Perfect for a successful CPU upgrade, for use as part of a barebones pc or a complete do it yourself package, motherboard bundles are available including compatible components such as RAM, graphics cards, and the latest AMD or Intel processors, relieving you of the hours of research, questioning and doubt.

Whether you should opt for a motherboard bundle with an Intel processor or with an AMD processor is a question only you can answer. The only surety is that all of Novatech’s motherboard bundles are individually assembled by hand and rigorously tested prior to dispatch, and are supported by free technical support for the life of the product. That sounds like a fairly safe bet to me.

Novatech sell a wide range of high quality motherboard bundles, which you can see by visiting the website.

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