All You Need To Know About Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

Even the world’s best digital image editing suite can be improved, and Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 Beta is the latest update of the long-standing Photoshop family. The main improvement over previous versions is the performance – applying filters, zooming and cropping are now instant. Users no longer need to wait while a large file is saved. Cropping can now be achieved while rotating the photo. This real-time editing will save users many hours of work especially for larger projects.

Tilt Shift Effects

Additionally, for photographers seeking to apply the most natural-looking effects, the new version allows the reproduction of tilt shift effects – hard to achieve without a very expensive tilt shift lens, to manipulate perspective within the image – and also a very useful function that allows Bokeh or depth-of-field effects to photos (in other words, rendering some objects out of focus according to the relative aperture of the lens).

Easy Layer Search

One of the most significant improvements in this version is the ability to search for layers by type, name, effects, blending mode or colour. This makes the selection and editing of layers in images much easier. Vector pixel snapping for aligning the edge of the pixel boundary has been improved. Blending pixels using the Content-Aware Patch allows creating of custom strokes for refined image control and stunning results. There are several boxes to let users know how many pixels have been moved or how far the image has been rotated (in degrees).

Video Production

Although Windows Movie Maker has been the traditional means of editing video content, Photoshop CS6 now has added features for quick video production. These are basic but convenient without having to download extra software. Although the CS6 is a Beta version and there are some fine wrinkles to be ironed out, this product has the potential to become the editing suite of choice for amateur and professional photo editors alike. While there are many cheaper picture editor options that can be accessed even via mobile phones, there is still a place on the desktop for a comprehensive editing suite.

The Adobe Photoshop suite is already viewed as the industry go-to product for picture and image editing. While the CS6 Beta version builds on the strong existing features of the original software, it is still only in trial phase. However with a sleeker interface and speedy functionality, we think the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta version is a useful update to the original software that is worthy of being installed.

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