Monitor Your Computer with Elite Keylogger 4.7

If the computer that you have at home is used by not only you but also the other family members, you need to check it regularly so that you will know about what the computer is used for, especially if you have little kids who are in the age of curiosity. You surely do not want them to access some porn sites that will affect that psychological condition and behavior. Or probably you are working in office and want to have full control on the computer access of your employees, so that your employees will use the computer in an efficient way.

Now you can have the control of monitoring that you want with easy software called Elite Keylogger that you can install and use, whatever the reason of the monitoring is. With this software, you can track every activity done using the computer and your action will remain untraceable. Elite Keylogger will enable you to record various types of activities in your computer including chats, messages, websites that have been visited, emails, programs, and even passwords used there. Not only the passwords for the account that they have, you can also track the password for Windows logon, including the details of the time they do those activities.

Not only that you can track everything, you can even do all the monitoring remotely, so that if you are away from home or office you can still have full control of your computer, which is making it even easier. All you have to do is installing the Keylogger software and then you will be able to see the logs details. Or if you like to, you can also receive the details by email or the other network. The systems of where you can see or receive the logs information can be changed or customized based on your preferences or the easiest way that you find. Search for the information about this software and see the advantages and benefits of using it with such an easy setup and easy use. Learn more about Elite Keylogger and see how you can track every action done in your computer without them being known about it. Wherever you access the logs or whenever you receive the monitoring information, it will work invisibly. The logs information can only be accessed by you as it will be encrypted. Once you have installed it you will view some categories on the side of the screen and you can directly choose in which section you want to view the monitoring details.

Elite Keylogger 4.7 User Interface

Once you login to Elite Keylogger 4.7, you can now generate logs from keystrokes, screenshots, internet activity, application history, email history and more, just click one of the sidebar menus to view logs categories.

After you jump to one of the logs category, you have to set the date you would like to view the logs for in the calendar.

Then press View Logs to generate all logs from this date

And done, all activity and logs history from your computer will appeared.

You can go to Widestep’s Elite Keylogger webpage to get more detail about this software:

I recommend this software for you, just download and try the demo version from here.

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