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Who doesn’t experience that situation?, you purchase a new Personal computer, it performs fine for several months and after a while it starts making trouble, you start getting these concerning error messages, system 32 errors and maybe even system ‘freezes’. Fortunately, well designed Windows Registry Restore Tool can quickly ‘cure’ many of these issues. If you follow this review you’ll be able to put an end to most of these problems.

Ever wondered about what windows registry is? Well, Windows reg. is a Win database which keeps various information and configurations about your pc’s various h/w and s/w installations. This info is being used by your PC’s Windows os. When time passes by, several software installations and other files that are being used can corrupt your registry, causing your windows to start popping up a wide range of errors, reducing your PC’s performance and even damaging your Pc’s internet speed.

It is vital then to maintain your Windows registry db clean and undamaged. The more we do that, the better. Now, you probably already ask yourself how you can do that. If you know how to access and maintain your registry, then that can be easily done manually, it should be quite easy for you, but when you need to deal with hundreds and even thousands of hardware & software configurations on your Pc you may find this task quite frustrating since it would take much of your effort. Most pc users don’t even know where to begin or what to do, so it is advised to either let an experienced person to ‘cure’ and maintain your windows reg. (Can be quite expensive…) or download a professional win-registry cleaning program.

Anyway – Windows Registry Restore Tool is a tool which enables you to automatically scan, detect and ‘cure’/delete unnecessary settings from your Windows registry. Such software solution enables you to prevent and eliminate popular computer problems, windows crashes, javascript errors, L sass.exe , svchost.exe &other exe errors and a wide range of other irritating Windows problems that most of us usually experience almost every day.

There are countless of Windows Registry Restore Tool solutions on the Web, so it is highly important to conduct quick comparisons between these solutions and find out which solutions are truly effective on helping you to instantly improve your Windows performance.

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How to restrict drives on a user account through Windows Registry?
What registry value do you change to restrict the drives that some of the users can view? How do you change it back so that all drives can be viewed? I do not know anything about windows registry except how to get there :D
thanks for any help in advance!

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